The Wives Summit will host a series of BREAK OUT SESSIONS. This will allow you to get focused attention on areas you may be struggling with in your marriage. IF YOU DO NOT STRUGGLE WITH ANY OF THESE TOPICS, please check the Q&A session. 

PLEASE NOTE: All break-out sessions will remain private. You will receive an email indicating which room number you will be attending. The sessions will be labeled by NUMBER. We want to maintain your privacy. 

Here is a brief description of the break-out sessions:

-In your marriage do you feel fearless or fearful? Do your husbands words and actions build you up or tear you down? Do you feel as though you are walking on egg shells in your marriage? Gods word says "there is no fear in love. " let's see how this applies to our marriage.

-Do you feel as though you are carrying the full weight of your life and in your marriage? Do you feel you have to be in control of everything, make all the decision, and even parent your kids AND your husband? Are you the main income earner in your family? This breakout will be instrumental in helping you find relief from the pressure and weight you have been carrying. 

-Have you learned your husband is having an affair? Do you suspect he is having an affair but can't prove it? Has the pain of the truth sent you into a fetal position? Learn the tools to becoming a victor of adultery instead of a victim.

-Do you feel alone, neglected or longing for male attention?  Do you feel almost desperate for affection and affirmation?   Are you getting your needs met physically and/or emotionally outside of your marriage?  It’s time to let go of any inordinate relationships.  After the thrill, the enemy will come in for the kill.  Don’t let him destroy your marriage/family!  We are going to show you how to be set free from all of this. God is for you! And He has your BEST interest at heart! 

-Finding love after a difficult relationship. Are you divorced and not sure about your future LIFE or ever being a wife again? Are you single and unhealthy relationships have caused you to abort your dream of ever becoming a wife? In this breakout session we are going learn how to: Love yourself, heal from the past, prepare for your future, prepare for your future wife life and live again!

Get to know your speakers:

Melani Ismail- 

Melani was a castmember in the VH1 Reality Show, Football Wives and has been featured on many radio and talk shows.

Melani also wrote her first literary project, which debuted at #19 on the Itunes book charts and won The Henri Award for Best Inspirational Memoir, shortly after. Her book is entitled “The Freedom of Letting Go.” It consists of significant experiences she faced throughout her life, and the life lessons she learned in the process. Melani shares these personal stories of healing and transcendence, in the hope that others can identify with her challenges and victories, ultimately leading to an embrace and acceptance of their own path.

Melva Lea-

Melva Lea Beacham has been in full-time ministry all her adult life. She has served in the roles of church planter, pastor/teacher, prayer leader, Psalmist, missionary, author, conference speaker, and Director of International Development for Christian Friends of Israel, Jerusalem.
Drawing upon this wealth of past experience and also from living in Turkey and Israel, Melva has keen insight into the prophetic times in which we live. God is using her to awaken the Church to stand with Israel, as well as understand the threat of Islam.
She currently serves as emissary for Tikkun International, connecting congregations worldwide with Messianic congregations in Israel.
As a prophetic teaching gift to the Body of Christ, Melva also equips individuals and congregations in prayer and how to hear the voice of the Lord. Having overcome personal tragedy, she carries a healing anointing for bodies and the broken hearted alike, and sets captives free through the power of forgiveness.
Her recent book, The Lord’s Prayer for Young People, is impacting the next generation to know God through prayer.
Since the passing of her husband, Australian apostle Jeff Beacham in 2013, Melva has relocated Melva Lea Ministries to Texas. She is the joyful mother of three children and six grandchildren.

Debby Wade-

Since receiving her M.A. degree from Hardin-Simmons University in Marriage and Family Therapy, she has worked in both inpatient and outpatient treatment settings. At ACTSolutions, she works with adults, adolescents, couples and families. Debby offers two different women's therepy groups.  One for women recovering from sexual betrayal, or infidelity and another group for women who struggle with sexual purity and/or sexual addiction.

Debby co-facilitates a group with Billy Grammer, LPC, LMFT, CST, for men who struggle with sexual purity and sexual addiction. 

Debby believes that the development of healthy relational skills is extremely important for marital and family relationships and for emotional well-being. She founded Authentic Christian Therapeutic Solutions to aid in the emotional and spiritual growth of individuals, couples and families. Debby is a presenter for public and professional organizations. She speaks on various topics including: communication, marriage, issues relating to children and adolescents, and mental health issues. Most recently she has developed Back to the BASEX: Beyond the Birds and the Bees, a program for educating, equiping and empowering parents on how to talk to children and teens about sex and sexuality from a Biblically based approach. 

Debby is married; she and her husband, Ryan, live in Grapevine, Texas.

Get to know all of our BREAK-OUT Leaders: 

Betty Guiterrez

Barbie Armenta 

Amy Hossler

Renee Hornbuckle

Carla Shellis

Holly Brinkley

Amy Hogan


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