Come along side of Sparkle Living as we partner with Restored Hope Ministries to bring the girls who are rescued from the sex industry the basic needs like

toliet paper, laundry detergent,

eggs, milk, produce and much more.


Your donation of any amount will help bring these girls the very basics that we all take for granted. PLEASE HELP US HELP THEM!! 


Hi, my name is Rabecca. I am a Spirit filled believer and a daughter of the Most High King.
I was molested when I was 4 years old by a family friend. When I was 6 years old, I was almost kidnapped by one of my stepfathers. At age 11 my mother passed away and I was orphaned. I had a grandmother that was not interested in raising a child with behavioral problems.

My stepfather beat me regularly until finally I left at age 15 shortly thereafter I got pregnant. Knowing I wasn’t equipped to care for a child, I gave up my first born child, my son, for adoption.

I believed life was just going to be hard, and these were the cards I had been dealt. In my anger and rebellion, I looked for “bad boy” relationships, soon after I learned these relationships were not fun. I was taken out of the state to Tennessee when I was 17, by a 42 year old man who tried to mold me into the perfect slave. By the grace of God I was able to escape.

Soon after, I went to Arizona and found protection deep in the Dirty Dozen Bike Club. I watched their children while they got rid of body parts. This was all due to their dealing in major crystal meth-amphetamine drug distribution.

When I heard they put blood in the meth as a sacrifice to Satan, I had to leave.
I spent time in bars and clubs and saw how easy it was to convince men to let go of their cars and money. Little did I know, part of me was fading. I went to the streets for drugs and prostitution. However, each car I got in God helped me out of.

I lived in the woods for five years because I had lost all hope in people including myself. This sense of hopelessness brought me quickly to overdosing three times in my out of control heroin addiction, because I just did not care. But Jesus still brought me back every time.

I went on to acquire 4 CPS cases and 4 felonies. I spent time in the state jail, TDC, and the federal penitentiary. I was looking at serious prison time after my 3rd felony prostitution charge. So, I decided to try what I perceived to be a real relationship.

After being lied to, cheated on, stolen from and verbally and physically assaulted, the only good thing to come out of the relationship was my 2 ½ year old daughter. I was beaten, drugged and bruised all over. I could barely stand and was on the brink of death. Once again I was feeling alone, abandoned, and broken. My baby daddy said his God was not my God. My God told me once again it was time to go. Soon after, God sent two of His soldiers to usher me swiftly off to Restored Hope Ministries. I want to thank some friends, real friends I met long ago, Rex & Steve for taking the time to care.

At Restored Hope Ministries I was welcomed by Pastors Sam & Sherry Pollinzi with hugs and an unconditional love I hadn’t felt in a very long time. They gave me a beautiful purple room in which I live. They take care of all my needs; church, medical care, dental care, court and even CPS appointments. Even though they are a non-profit organization run completely on donations and contributions they provide shampoo, clothes, shoes, books and food. All they ask in return is that I keep my room clean and stay focused on the program.

Living in a house full of women, I am surely learning coping skills. But mostly, I am successfully building the strong foundation that God has intended for my life. And, glory to God, Jehovah Raffa, His presence is strong in this home.

There is undeniable healing at Restored Hope Ministries. God is restoring my mind, my health and my relationships as we hear daily Bible stories and studies. I am growing stronger in my faith in God and humanity. When I wake up every morning I am excited about what God has to teach me today.

This time last year, I was struggling to be a mom. I was working too hard and doing drugs in my spare time. Now my days are happily spent learning what Jesus is about and who my Father really is. So, I’ve traded mixed drinks for carrot juice. And, if anyone would have told me a year ago that my new hobby would be trying to learn Hebrew, I might have laughed.

I now know the scripture that is Philippians 4:13, I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me; praise God my belief in this is possible in great part due to the two people that God asked to step out in faith, and they did, Pastors Sam and Sherry Pollinzi. They saw a need and filled it. This reflects the Ministry of restored Hope!

The scripture that is Isaiah 41:3, The Lord sustains him on his sickbed. In his illness you restore him to full health.

Thank you for creating Restored Hope Ministries for me and every other lost little girl who needs help finding her way home.

I would encourage you as God lays it on your heart to reach out and give whether it is monetary or volunteer services to help set free another young lady like me.

Thank you for the honor of letting me share.


Growing up, I had a wonderful childhood. I grew up in the church with parents who love the Lord. I did well in school but I wasn’t in with the cool kids and they made fun of me. I felt less than, embarrassed and withdrew a little. I was friends with the kids nobody else wanted to be friends with. I went to church, was active in the youth group and I loved it!

Fast forward to my freshman year of high school, I started to compromise my morals to “fit in.” It started out with choosing friends that weren’t good for me, and then lead to smoking cigarettes, marijuana, drinking beer and being rebellious. One weekend, I ran away from home to stay with my boyfriend. I went back home and ran away that very next weekend. I was out of control. I went to stay at an all-girls boarding school in east Texas for 13 months, where my relationship with the Lord was renewed and intimate. I returned home with my family.

My junior year in high school, I began sneaking out of the house to go drink and smoke marijuana. I got caught a few times and decided to move out of the house without telling my parents. I knew they would talk me out of it, plus I didn’t want to go back to the boarding school. I continued to party, drink, I started doing Heroin and drugs I had never done before. Before long, I was working at a strip club, I was in trouble with the law and I was addicted to meth. I went on the run to California where I continued spiraling out of control. After a few months, I returned to Dallas.

Upon my return to Dallas, I went to another club where I met a man that held me at gun point, demanding that I work for him as a prostitute. I was so afraid, alone, and without hope! I told him I would dance and give him money from doing that. We agreed. Days later, bounty hunters showed up at my door to arrest me. I was put in jail for 2 months. Nothing was going my way. Why was it always me?

I cleaned up my act in jail. Shortly after I was released, I became pregnant at 20 and had my son, Andrew, at 21. He changed my world. I wanted to be a better person for myself but mostly for him. For the next few years, I took good care of Andrew and loved him. When Andrew was 3, I found myself slipping back into old habits.  I began smoking meth and doing cocaine, every once-in-a-while.

One night, my boyfriend at the time and I decided we were going to do mushrooms. When we were high, he introduced me to cheese, snorting heroin. A few days of that and I was hooked. That lead me to a place that I never thought I would be and do things I never thought I would do. For a while, I didn’t think there was a problem. Then CPS came knocking at the door, wanting me to prove that I was a fit mother. I went to a rehab, methadone clinic and none of these cured the problem, they only masque the physical pain for a short time. Long story short, I couldn’t stop by myself. I needed something more.  I didn’t know it then but I need Jesus to change my life forever!

My son ended up getting adopted by his foster mom, where he now resides. After my son was removed from my care, I felt that I didn’t have anything to live for, except to get the next fix. I ended up losing my apartment, my car, everything I owned, and my self-worth. I moved to an area where motels, strip clubs and prostitutes are the norm. I began working at another club to support the addictions I had. I got fired from that club for having my dealer meet me there. From there, I began selling my body to support my habit. I didn’t care whether I lived or died. I remember, crying out to God, begging Him to help me because I couldn’t help myself. I knew He would help me but I probably wouldn’t like it at the time. At one point, after getting kicked out of every motel I could walk to, I ended up living under a bridge for a few months. I got arrested twice, while living that way. The second time I knew things had to change or I would end up in prison. I gave my life back to the Lord in church while in jail the last time. A few days after I was released, I went to a rehab program, sobered up, stayed for 3 months and thought I would be okay getting back with my ex-boyfriend, since we were both sober. That was a joke. I was about to be stranded in El Paso, but I ended up getting on a greyhound to San Diego to be with my sons father.

When I got there, I went right back to where I started. I was living in a hotel, doing heroin and meth again, and asking people for money at gas stations. I knew that I was headed right back where I was but it would be worse this time. I contacted my parents, asking them to help me get back to Dallas for my court date so I wouldn’t have to go to a prison rehab. They got me home on a greyhound and the very next day, took me to Restored Hope. I was scared, still a little strung out. Who were these people, could I trust them. I reluctantly stayed and began my life at RHM.

It was there that I laid everything down at Jesus feet and completely surrendered myself to Him. Through Pastor Sam and Sherry, the Lord provided me a beautiful place to clean up, clear my mind, be open to Jesus and know Him more. I learned how to live life a different, better way, with Christ in the center. Pastor Sam filed for a grant for me to go to school and I started my training to be an Aesthetician. RHM helped me pay my fines, and probation costs. They bought me a bus pass every month and took care of every need. Was it easy, NO! I took one day at a time and before I knew it I was ready for Graduation. After I graduated RHM helped me get an apartment by paying my deposit and furnishing the apartment with everything I needed. I love my apartment!

I will never be the same! I am so grateful that Pastor Sam and Sherry listened to the calling the Lord has on their life for this season. My life has been truly changed forever, thanks to them, and above all, to Jesus Christ!

Love you all.  Julia


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