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Sparkle Living’s community initiative, Night To Reignite Dinner Club is a movement to bring women together across the lines of denomination and culture with the goal of forming authentic community and spurring each other on into greatness in Christ. We are calling women of all ages around the world to rise up into an army: One Body-One Jesus.


Founder of Sparkle Living & Night To Reignite, Carla Shellis was given a clear vision and mission by the Lord. He showed her a cold shower and asked, “What would you do if your water was coming through cold?” Carla responded, “Go check the water heater.” The Lord said, “You would check inside the water heater to see if the pilot light was on. Finding that it is not on, I would ask you to find the reignite button and by pressing that button the pilot light should reignite and the little flame should re-light. I put into the souls of all women a lit pilot light so that she would project warmth and love. In some women, life has blown that out. Your job is to go REIGNITE the souls of these women so that warm, loving, living water can be brought forth from them once again. 


Carla was also given a Word from the Lord to create this community around the dinner table and break the mold of conventional conferences. It is her firm belief, community happens and special bonds are created as women break bread together.


With these two instructions from the Lord, A Night To Reignite Dinner Club was born. The first dinner club was held on February 5, 2015. With only enough room for 90 women, the event was sold out ten days before the event. The second event on April 9, 2015 brought 245 women together in an unforgettable evening. 


Carla’s heart is to merge into this Reignite community of women, our sisters who are rescued from the sex industry. It is her heart's desire to show these women & immolate through this community what Godly friendship and sisterhood looks like. Carla’s work with a local safe house for these girls, Restored Hope, has initiated just that. On April 9th Carla hosted nine women from this home and strategically merged them into the fiber of the love of Reignite. These girls were overjoyed as they were able to be in community with strong women of faith.


In addition, Reignite is forming opportunities in the months in between the quarterly dinner clubs to bring the ladies together to continue to do life together. Reignite offered the ladies, 80’s Retro Skate Night, Bowling Night, Ladies that Lunch luncheon, Fashion Show, Girls Night Out Movie Night, with more to come. 


In the first partnership, Carla and Sparkle Living are joining forces with Terri Savelle Foy Ministries to offer the community of women Reignite Your Dream Clubs. This opportunity will create small cell groups of women to come together weekly in an eight week study focused on DREAMING BIG and how to REIGNITE YOUR DREAMS. 


Meet Reignite’s leadership team and enjoy the highlight videos from the previous events. 

Night To Reignite Media


The first Night To Reignite on February 5th, 2015: Highlight Reel


Reignite Coffee Talk: Let’s talk about our FIRST event!



Night To Reignite Planning Meeting-Behind the Scenes Un-Cut


The Girls of Reignite Invite YOU to April 9th Event!


April 9th White Out Night To Reignite Highlight


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