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Milk Program in Guatemala

Jade Shellis, Director of Sparkle Teens, has actively been involved with Aselsi Ministry International in Guatemala for two years. She has visited multiple cities and worked side by side with the children's program under the leadership of Aseisi Ministries. She has discovered a deep rooted love for these children and is active in raising funds in order to help make a difference in the unfortunate starvation of babies, small children and the elderly that she has seen first hand. 

The Milk Program provides milk, formula, cereal, and vitamins to undernourished children and elderly. The heart of the program is the consistent attention, quick interventions for illnesses and on-going education that brings lifestyle changes. Aselsi continue to see high-risk infants and children, who may have otherwise died, gain weight and begin to thrive. Aselsi serves 150+ children and elderly in the El Quiche department monthly. They do an assessment of family needs, provide They also provide special bottles and breast pumps for families of infants with cleft lips and palates.

Homecoming Mums are a beautiful addition to the Fall season and Friday Night Lights. They carry both tradition and memories that last a life time.

Now they will carry meaning and purpose! 

WITH THE PURCHASE OF YOUR MUM BUTTON through Sparkle Living Teen, 50% of the purchase price of your MUM BUTTON will be used to directly help to provide much needed nutritional milk to starving children in Guatemala and the USA!

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