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Carla Shellis

Sparkle Living is rebuilding the lives of women who are reintegrating into successful living.TO HELP IN THIS EFFORT, please visit our GIVE page.

Night To Reignite


Carla Shellis

White Dazzle Christmas Benefit Dinner! Thursday, December 8th! This will be the event of the year for women of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex! Come see how YOU can help in the rebuilding of women rescued from sex trafficking and domestic violence. When we take a step, they take a step!

Reignite Your Dream


Carla Shellis

In 2016 you will no longer see failure in your life! This is the year to see a successful thriving year! Join us on this 8 week journey to Reignite Your Dream! Gather your friends to journey together as you encourage each other to finally see all your dreams come to pass! Simply click on Reignite Your Dream to get started!

Bible Study


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Wives Summit


Carla Shellis

Priscilla brings a beautiful word of encouragement to the women of The Wives Summit! Win a GIRLS NIGHT OUT for dinner and the movie WAR ROOM at the Wives Summit on September 19. Register now mysparkleliving.com

Wifey Wednesday


Carla Shellis

Wife Wednesday

August 17, 2015

Three secrets to finding the love everyone wants!

Debby Wade Sex Questions

August 14, 2015

Wives Summit Bloopers

August 13, 2015

Licensed Sex Therapist Debby Wade

July 10, 2015

We are thirlled to have Debby Wade as our guest speaker at the 2015 Wives Summit in Grapevine Texas on Saturday September 19. She will bring all access conversation to the summit about sex inside of marriage!



Carla Shellis

The Best You- Recipes


Carla Shellis

Carla Vlog


Carla Shellis

Getting to Know Your Bible


From Fellowship Church I bring you my pastor Ed Young. While attending this sermon, I knew I HAD TO SHARE with you!  “All religions are basically the same. After all, they all point to God.” That is something that many people in our world believe. It is perpetuated by the media and reported as fact by current culture. But is there any reality to it? In this message, Pastor Ed Young unpacks the basics behind the major world religions. He reveals the truth of how Christianity stands apart and distinct from every other religion. And we discover the powerful truth that God doesn’t want us to be religious; he wants a relationship with us.

Present a Present


Sparkle Living Episodes

We will take a look at how we can present the present of life to our families.

In The Know-Vlog


Carla Shellis

As a follow up vlog to Week 1 of In The Know-The Beginning is Wisdom, this vlog will outline and describe the 7 steps of bringing the spirit of God into your life.  By following these easy steps you will begin to see a transformation in your life first, then in your marriage and your family! If you have not seen the 1 weeks lesson go to www.mysparkleliving.com click "Shows" and watch WEEK 1.

House To Home


Carla Shellis

Family time is one of the most important times in your life. Family time can bring together new memories and bonds that are so often lost in the rush of life. Creating unique Family Time together will be something YOU CAN DO and here in this video we are going to show you how!



Carla Shellis

If you consider yourself a leader, we are looking for you! Sparkle Living is searching for self motivated leader woman to be the hands and feet of Sparkle Living in their area. If you are interested please email jewels@mysparkleliving.com

Finding a Church Home


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