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We all could use some fresh ideas on what to do next for our family and friends. So we are calling on YOU to share with your other Sparkle Living Sisters what you are doing to initiate family time and creating community in your area. You can post your videos to our FaceBook Group page or email them to us and we’ll post them on our website. 

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Create Community Inside Your Life!

Sparkle Living is passionate about community! We firmly believe it is the core of who we are. God has woven into our being the need to be with family and friends. 

One of God’s greatest institutions on earth is the family.  Our first priority in creating community is within our own families FIRST.  From the teenage years into the golden years, as ladies it is our awesome privilege and responsibility to initiate and create a loving and nurturing home and time together as a family.  

In addition, we believe doing life with other like minded ladies brings an incredible source of love & support to our journey through this life. 

These videos will offer you some fun ideas on how you can lead your family & girlfriends into this incredible adventure called COMMUNITY! 



Carla Shellis

Getting to Know Your Bible


From Fellowship Church I bring you my pastor Ed Young. While attending this sermon, I knew I HAD TO SHARE with you!  “All religions are basically the same. After all, they all point to God.” That is something that many people in our world believe. It is perpetuated by the media and reported as fact by current culture. But is there any reality to it? In this message, Pastor Ed Young unpacks the basics behind the major world religions. He reveals the truth of how Christianity stands apart and distinct from every other religion. And we discover the powerful truth that God doesn’t want us to be religious; he wants a relationship with us.

Finding a Church Home


Sparkle University

We are looking for Jewels in your area!

What are Jewels

Proverbs 31:10 tells us “An excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels.” (ESV)

At Sparkle Living we encourage ladies of all ages to be the Jewels in the crowns of their families heads.  As a Jewel you are a leader, an initiator, an encourager, a visionary and a caring nurturer for your family and friends. A Jewel is someone who is equipped to lead and facilitate a group of women into the right direction and to cheer them on to greater things in their lives. If that is you then we believe you would be the perfect fit for a Sparkle Living Jewel.  If you would like to know more about what a SLJ is and how you can volunteer for that leadership role in your area, click here

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