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Carla Shellis

Carla Shellis Bio

Night To Reignite Bio


About Carla

Carla Shellis was born in Warrenton, Virginia where she lived for only two short years before moving to her mothers hometown of Del Rio Texas. It was in Del Rio, Carla was taught by example by her parent and her beloved late Grandmother, better known as “Lita” (short for abuelita in spanish) the importance and value of family.  At the age of sixteen Carla’s family made a big move to Dallas where she would complete her Junior and Senior year. In 1990 Carla was married to her husband Simon after only a few short months of dating.  Together you will often hear them proudly brag on their two beautiful children, Michael and Jade. Carla will often refer to her two children as her most abundant harvest.  Michael and Jade are actively involved in the production of Sparkle Living and are volunteers at their home church, Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas.

Simon and Carla are affectionally called by their children “The paparazzi”.  You will find the posted pictures in social media to be primarily of their beloved children. There is nothing more important to Carla than the foundation of one of God’s greatest institutions, her family.  In addition, Carla is commonly known amongst her family and friends as “The Dog Lady”. With an immeasurable love for her four dogs, Diesel, Strider, Senior and CoCo, when at home, she spends her days with great joy as they all follow and surround her wherever she goes. 

Daughter to (what Carla will call “The Greatest Parents on earth”) Bob and her late mother Bochy Gray, you will often hear her say, “Our kids will emulate who we are. I am still working on being as great of a parent as my parents were to me!” Her father Bob can be found working in and around their office helping out with whatever his children and God children need.  Carla’s only sister, Robbie Page, is often referred to as her “biggest cheerleader & greatest prayer warrior”. 

Carla’s life passion is and has always been about reaching ladies of all ages all around the world to help encourage and equip them to be the very best they can be, and to receive from their life the very abundance that God has promised in His faithful Word.

Carla is also the writer to two different blogs. 

Encourage You devotion. 

Sparkle Living Restoring The Family and Marriage is a blog dedicated to helping and equipping women in their role as wife and mom. Taken from her testimony of experiencing an unhappy, unfulfilling marriage and finding the marriage of her dreams twenty years into her marriage, Carla shares candid, honest and transparent stories, testimonies and practical ways to restore and reignite your marriage. 


Carla Shellis lives with a passion for encouraging women to be the very best they can be inside their homes and families first, then in and around their communities. A quote often heard by Carla is, “Your first ministry is to your family.” Since 2004, Carla has written two separate twelve-week bible study lessons taught over the course of three years.  In addition she has lead & facilitated bible studies in her home for women of all ages for over 15 years. She is a firm believer in the local church and has been involved with woman’s ministry in her church for years. In the past twenty plus years Carla and her husband Simon have owned five separate restaurants, a roofing company and a hurricane recovery business.  While in her last restaurant, she felt a strong calling on her life to finally go into ministry full time.  Within months of this call, she placed her last restaurant on the market to sell.  Three weeks later an offer was made and sold shortly after that.  With her passion to help see women live at their fullest potential and her experience in owning and operating her own businesses, Carla see’s the formation and operation of Sparkle Living as her life's work.  

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