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Blessings for Family and Friends is a guide for laypersons for implementing the biblical practice of blessing in their own lives, in their families, and in their community relationship. Blessing has always been God's plan for humanity. Unfortunately, today's believers have been deprived of this part of the biblical legacy that was a significant part of the everyday lives of first-century Christians. This book will help you learn how to bless your family and community. As you do so, you will also find yourself being blessed abundantly with God's blessings. First, you experience vividly written details of the biblically rich Hebraic tradition of blessings. Then you learn blessings organized for specific occasions, blessings for family and friends that will revolutionize your life and enrich your personal experience with God. Each blessing is accompanied by history and explanation of its purposes.

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Prayer For Little People

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In the 21st century, a growing deception is covering the earth, invading our political arenas, churches, schools, and homes. That which is evil is called good; that which is good is called evil. Truth is politically incorrect, inconvenient, and increasingly intolerable.

From generation to generation, God always reserves to Himself a remnant that with purposeful intent cultivates the next generation to genuinely love and know Him and be bearers of His truth.

Melva Lea Beacham, pastor/teacher, international prayer leader, and former home schooling mom has written this 8-week curriculum, Stop! Look! Listen! THE LORD'S PRAYER FOR YOUNG PEOPLE, as a tool for those resolved to see the next generation firmly established in a living relationship with God.

With this curriculum, your child will:

  • Develop a deeper love for Father God and His Son Jesus.
  • Learn how to talk with God.
  • Learn how to Stop! Look! Listen! —discerning the ways in which God communicates back to him.
  • Memorize scripture.
  • Receive an enduring foundation in prayer that will last his whole life long!

Although written specifically for children and teens, this important classic is a valuable resource for people of all ages and reading abilities.

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The Ring Of Virtue

THIS IS THE PERFECT GIFT FOR THAT Bride To Be, Anniversary, Wedding Gift, Mother's Day, A Gift FOR YOU to remind yourself daily of who are are and how special you are in your role of WIFE!  

Maybe you just want to encourage anyone you know who is a WIFE! Tell her how special you think she is! 

There are no two Rings of Virtue made the same!

Orders yours today!!


Each Ring of Virtue is handmade to order. Please allow 7-10 days until it is shipped. 

The Ring Of Virtue Necklace- The PERFECT gift for any #Wife in your life! Your mom, grandmother, daughter, best friend, wife...this is a perfect gift to honor every aspect of being a wife. 

The Treasure Box-As a wife she holds all the fun secret treasures of the family. 

The Butterfly-by the flapping of her wings she can change the coarse & direction on the family. 

The RED RUBY heart-Proverbs 31 tells us as a wife we are as rare as rubies. 

The CROSS-it is only by the blood shed on the cross that we are free! It is only through our relationship with Jesus Christ that we are strengthened to be & do all that we can be. 

The Anchor-is attached to the cross because it is the cross that enables us as wives to be the anchor of our family unit. 

The Crown-The wife is the crown of jewels on the head of her husband. 

The Key-As a wife, we hold the key to so much joy & happiness inside our marriage and home. 

The Diamond Ring-Represents our commitment to our husband in a love that is eternal.  

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