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Learn how to find a home church for your family!
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Finding A Church


Finding a church home in your area is one of the most important steps you will take on your journey with Christ. When you draw a line in the sand and make a decision to either recommit your life to Christ or you are receiving Him for the first time, we believe becoming part of the local church is an essential part of this decision. 

Becoming part of a healthy church home is where you can connect with other believers and learn how to discover God’s plan for YOUR life and live out His priorities. Becoming part of the weekly worship of God and growing your faith is what will allow you to discover His abundant plan for your life!  

Christianity is not a solo sport like golf or tennis is. In the New Testament we can find followers of Christ who would cling to their support group, the church gathering. In Matthew 16:18 we can find where Jesus established the local church. 

The Benefits of being part of the church: The local church is the support and strength in your life. In Ecclesiastes 4:12 we read “A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” Matthew 18:20 says, “Where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am with them.” As a part of the body of Christ, you will find a gathering of other Christians who can help guide you and support you in any area of your life. 

What to look for in a church you will call home: The church you are looking for to call your home church is a church that consists of 50% discipleship and 50% evangelism. This means 50% of the church effort is reaching out to the lost and broken to help them find salvation in Christ, which is called evangelism. The other 50% of the church effort is teaching the body of Christ (it’s members) the good news within the pages of the Bible, which is discipleship. It is teaching how to grow their faith and their walk with Christ. Becoming part of both of those efforts within the body of your home church is both life changing and a essential part of your walk as a Christian. 

The first question to ask the pastor or leaders of the church you are visiting is, “Does this church teach the Holy Bible?” or “Is this a bible teaching church?” That is the most important part of your search for your church home. 

The second question is “How many baptisms does this church have each month?” You are looking for a church that can answer that question indicating baptisms are a weekly or monthly event.  When a church is leading it’s members to walk out the original desire of Jesus’, The Great Commission (read Matthew 28:16-20) you know you are in the right church. 

A question we consider very important to the leaders of the church, “What is your view on broken people who are struggling with sin in their lives as a part of your church?” The answer we would be looking for would be similar to, “The church can also be considered a hospital for the hurting. We would welcome these people with open arms and hope we can lead them into a life of abundance and free from sin by showing them the unconditional love of Christ.” 

Your part in the local church: There are three ways that are considered your part in the local church. By being involved in these three areas, you will see your life grow in ways you have never imagined possible for yourself and your family. 

The first is Serving. It is very important as part of the body of the local church that you and your family get involved in serving. God has assigned to each person on this earth a gift and a talent. The first way to use this gift is in serving the needs of the church. You can not look for a church that will only serve your needs. Once you have chosen the church you will call home, you should be looking for ways to serve the needs of the church. You now will become part of THE REACH or the effort to help the church in serving and loving on other people who are looking for a church to call home. 

The second is Sharing. You will find incredible joy and fulfillment in sharing the life changing message of Jesus Christ. When you are part of a corporate gathering of others each week to worship together and help bring others to their public confession of receiving Christ into their lives in baptism, you are part of sharing. 

The third is Sowing. The Bible talks about the blessing of God in our lives and the privilege and duty we have to bring our tithes and offerings to the “storehouse”, the local church. As you do your part in bringing your tithe, the ministry is of the church is complete. (Read Malachi 3:10)

The church should not be a place of law, rules and judgement. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is loving and big enough that everyone should be welcomed in the church without feeling judged. Jesus himself never stood in judgement, instead He lived His life to show His grace and unconditional love for us all.  A church should have the spirit of an advocate and not an accuser. The church we call home runs towards to broken and the hurting to wrap their arms around them to say, “We will defend you, we will think well of you and will alway think the best for you!” Jesus did not come so that we would feel accused, Jesus came and died for us all so we could be set free from the chains of sin. That is the spirit of Christ, therefore that is the spirit of the church you can call home.

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